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About Us

LMS Energy Service is a leading supplier of solar power solutions in Australia headoffice located in Sydney, providing best quality solar solutions. Our products and technologies are planned for residential , commercial and industrial customers to meet all forms of solar requirements. In order to achieve impressive results and to turn your energy usage, we give thorough consultation, permitting and installation. Unlike other renewable firms, our team of inspectors and installers is professional and experienced. Depending on customer position, energy needs and costs, we deliver customised solar solutions. By revolutionises the energy outlook of the world, the LMS Energy Service aims to create a healthier, pollution-free earth.
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That We Offers

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That We Offers

With cell efficiency of more than 25 percent, LMS Energy Services offers Tier- 1 solar panels of best quality. With the mechanical strength powerful and healthy. The snow charges and wind carrying power of our panels are certifiable when the sun is caught in the gloomy weather or under better electricity. Both panels are nano-coated, making washing and cleaning simpler. LMS Energy Services provides the latest and high quality advanced technology such as Mono PERC as well as polychristalline and monocristalline technologies. We are also interested in high-quality, integrated double-glass solar modules that generate high energy in low sunlight. Read More
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  • Extreme Weather Rating
  • Highest Yeailds Under Real Conditions
  • Innovative All-Weather Technology
  • Enduring High Performance
  • A Reliable Investment
  • Anti PID Technology
LMS Energy Services is a licenced Tesla Industries distributor. We supply a large range of solar inverters from 1 kVA to 100 kVA. In various sizes, you can now use continuous power support. This is user-configurable due to its extensive LCD display. We work with the following inverters:
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  • Series of Off-Grid/Hybrid Inverters
  • Range of On-Grid Inverters
LMS Energy Services provide large range of solar home batteries. The LMS team will give free advice on ready-to-use solar battery systems. We supply tubular batteries, dry batteries and lithium-ion banks which have been developed specifically for a PV solar system. Our battery set covers.
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  • Tall Tubular Batteries
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries (LiPo)
  • Dry Maintenance Free Batteries
  • Valve Regulated Lead Acid
  • OPZV
  • VRLA Battery With an Electrolyte Gelified
For all roof-top, ground-mount PV arrays, LMS Energy Services offers racking and mounting products. Our wide range of solar racking and installation modules can be tailored to any solar power system. We include racking and assembly by licenced manufacturers. The assembly structures we deliver
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  • Galvanized Roof Top Fitting
  • Aluminium based Ground Fitted Frames
  • Flush Mount Racking
  • East-West Racking
  • Guarder Based Structure
  • Carport Shade Racking
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Brands We Deal In

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Frequently Ask Question

Some FAQ’s

  • How do I find out how much I pay for electricity?
    The best way to see how much electricity you’re paying (and how much electricity you use every month) is to review your power bill. Check out LMS Energy Services power bill reading guide to see just what to look for.
  • How does solar impact my property values?
    Studies have shown that households with solar systems sell more for homes than without them. Your property value would only rise if your solar panel system is owned rather than rented. In most parts of the world, the solar system is more valuable than renovation in a kitchen.
  • What are the financial benefits of solar energy?
    You save money on your energy bills by installing a solar power system on your property and protect yourself from energy prices in the future. How much you can save is based on your area’s electricity rates and solar policies, but going solar is an intelligent investment wherever you live.
  • What are my solar financing options?
    You can buy your system in cash, buy a Solar Loan for buying your system or sign a solar lease / power purchases agreement (PPA). There are three options for solar finance. TheLMS Energy Services Instant Estimates tool can help you evaluate each solar financing option’s costs and savings for 20 years; its calculations are based on your roof plus your actual quota information from your area.